USB 2.0 Architecture Part 2

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USB Architecture Part 2 online training gets into more detail covering low-speed, full-speed and high-speed environments. You will learn about the encoding and electrical environment including differential signaling. USB configuration will be explored in detail, including evaluating descriptors, and host requests in this online training. You will also learn about the On-The-Go protocol.

In order to take this course you need to have taken USB 2.0 Architecture Part 1 and have an understanding of serial communications techniques.

Once you have completed USB 2.0 Architecture Part 1 and Part 2 the next recommended course is USB 3.0 Architecture Update. The USB 3.0 Architecture Update course will discuss the most current knowledge of the third generation of USB – SuperSpeed USB. Presentations will include a thorough examination of the increased transfer rates to 5.0Gbps, improved flow control and power management, as well as the changes to the protocol layers

In this course you will learn:

  • Describe USB Hubs, power management, and split transactions
  • Learn USB configuration requirements
  • Explore USB transaction types and device classes


Attendees are expected to have a good understanding of serial communications techniques and have taken USB 2.0 Architecture Part 1.


Module 00: Course Introduction

Module 01: USB Hub Requirements

  • Architecture
  • Transaction Translator
  • Hub Controller
  • Descriptors and Requests

Module 02: Low-Speed and High-Speed Environments

  • Overview
  • Device Detection

Module 03: Low-Speed and Full-Speed Transfers

  • Encoding
  • Transfer Types
  • Error Recovery

Module 04: High-Speed Overview

  • Device Detection
  • Differential Signaling
  • Drivers and Receivers
  • Reset and Suspend

Module 05: High Speed Transfers

  • Periodic
  • Non-Periodic
  • Error Recovery

Module 06: Split Transactions

  • Split Token Packet
  • Transaction Translator
  • Scheduling

Module 07: Configuration Overview

  • Configuration Process
  • Reading and Evaluating Descriptors
  • Device Descriptors
  • Device_qualifer Descriptor

Module 08: Device Descriptors and States

  • Configuration, Speed, and Interface Descriptors
  • Evaluating Descriptors
  • Device States

Module 09: Hub Configuration

  • Reading and Evaluating Descriptors
  • Hub Class Descriptors
  • Hub and Port Status
  • Hub Power

Module 10: On-The-Go Overview

  • Definitions
  • Features
  • Mechanical Specifications

Module 11: On-The-Go Protocols

  • Electrical Specifications
  • Session Request Protocol
  • Host Negotiation Protocol

Module 12: Course Summary

*To watch the videos and access the materials that come with this course, please follow the instructions that were sent to you when you purchased the course.

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