PCI Express (PCIe) Overview

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This PCI Express (PCIe) online training course is intended to be an overview to PCI Express for design engineers, testing, manufacturing and verification engineers. The topics discussed in the PCIe training modules include an architectural overview and history of PCI Express, the layers and virtualization.

In this course you will learn:

  • Provide a brief explanation of PCIe
  • Discuss the Layered Architecture in PCIe
  • Describe flow control
  • Identify traffic prioritization in PCIe


An understanding of PCI is desired, but not required.


Module 00: Course Introduction

Module 01 – PCI Evolution

  • Specification History
  • PCIe Compatibility
  • Protocol Stack
  • New Features

Module 02 – PCIe Architectural Overview (Part 1)

  • PCIe Commands
  • Devices
  • Traffic Prioritization

Module 03 – PCIe Architectural Overview (Part 2)

  • Root Complex
  • PCIe Link Overview
  • PCIe Configuration

Module 04 – PCIe Transaction Layer

  • Functional Requirements
  • TLPs
  • Address Space
  • Flow Control

Module 05 – Data Link Layer

  • Functional Requirements
  • DLLPs
  • State Machine
  • Link Initialization

Module 06 – Physical Layer

  • Logical and Electrical Sub-blocks
  • Differential Signaling
  • Control Signaling

Module 07 – Virtual Channels

  • Arbitration
  • Capabilities Structure

Module 08 – Virtualization Overview

  • CPU vs. Platform
  • PCIe’s Implementation of Virtualization
  • Single- and Multi-Root I/O Virtualization

Module 09: Course Summary

*To watch the videos and access the materials that come with this course, please follow the instructions that were sent to you when you purchased the course.

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