Introduction to Project Management and the PMP Exam

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  • Because every person has or will work on a project it is important to understand the basics of Project Management.  This course provides the foundational information that every person should be aware of and appreciate. Whether at their place of employment or in their daily life, you are going to participate or directly manage a project.  In this course you will learn the core concepts, terms, and benefits gained from project management practices.


Module 01: Welcome to PM City and the PMP Exam
Module 02: PMI Application Guidance

  • What is the PMI Application?
  • Requirements
  • PMP Application Process

Module 03: Project Basics

  • What are Projects?
  • Project Teams
  • Why Projects?

Module 04: Projects and Project Management

  • Why Project Management?
  • What are Project Management Processes?
  • How Do Projects Fit in Programs and Portfolios?

Module 05: Role of Project Manager

  • What is the PMBOK® 6th Edition
  • What is a Project Manager?
  • Project Manager Competencies
  • Project Manager Influences
  • Skills
  • Integrating and Coordinating

Module 06: Game: Knowledge Area Construction
Module 07: Processes and Lifecycle

  • Processes
  • Project management processes
  • When to use processes
  • Project vs Product processes
  • Lifecycles

Module 08: Game: Window Pane Game
Module 09: Project Environments and Documents

  • PMOs
  • Business Documents
  • Organizational Governance
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets
  • Governance Framework
  • Projects and Operations

Module 10: Game: Project Document or Plan?
Optional Reading Assignment: Read the First 3 Chapters of the PMBOK

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