Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2

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If you or your team is involved in data center technology, whether it is in a sales, support or operations capacity, it is important to have a good understanding of the overall data center and the issues facing data center managers on a daily basis.  The Data Center Infrastructure Management course series is a great way to quickly learn the ins and outs of data centers.  It is geared for everyone from the data center novice to the most experienced IT and facilities technicians and managers.  The Data Center Infrastructure courses cover the primary resources in the data center – space, power and cooling.

Students who have taken this course are the proof of the effectiveness.  A significant number of people who have taken this course had the course recommended to them by a previous student, a testament to the value of the information they learned during the course.  Here what students are saying about the course below.

Course recommendations:

  • “Excellent knowledge – the instructor tied just about every subject to an illustrative real-world situation he had encountered.”
  • “Wanted to say a big thank you for the course this week. It will truly help me at my job going forward.”
  • “Superb! Where there are a lot of courses and trainings on data center maintenance and operations, it’s much harder to find something related directly to data center and IT infrastructure management. This is very important to support DCIM concept today – not only with tools, including software and hardware solutions, but also with dedicated trainings.”
  • “Great job Dave, the industry needs more training like this in order for DCIM to rise to its full potential as a must have operational imperative.”

In order to take this course you need to have taken Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 1 and have an understanding of a power and cooling infrastructure in a data center.

In this course you will learn:

•    Describe what impacts energy efficiency and how you can improve it
•    Use methods to improve data center energy efficiency
•    Discuss management tools available to help you optimize data center performance and availability
•    Identify practical steps to implement ITIL
•    Measure the IT Service Management metrics that really matter
•    Monitor your data center to optimize performance and availability
•    Describe what impacts data center availability and how you can improve it


While there are no prerequisites for this course, it is important to have a good understanding of the overall data center and the issues facing data center managers on a daily basis. It is recommended that you be involved in data center technology, whether it is in a sales, support or operations capacity.

You need to have equivalent experience or taken the following myTracert courses:


Module 00: Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2-Course Introduction

Module 01: Fundamentals of Availability
•    Components of availability
•    Cost of system downtime
•    Maximizing system availability
•    Data center assessments

Module 02: Data Center Preventive Maintenance
•    Importance of preventive maintenance
•    Developing a maintenance plan
•    Managing preventive maintenance
•    Quiz

Module 03: Data Center Energy Efficiency
•    Data center power growth
•    Barriers to data center energy efficiency
•    Power consumption in the data center
•    Power usage effectiveness (PUE)

Module 04: Data Center Efficiency Metrics
•    Measuring PUE
•    Other data center efficiency metrics
•    Reducing the IT load

Module 05: Energy Efficiency Best Practices
•    Reducing the support infrastructure load
•    Systematic approach to improving energy efficiency
•    What can you expect to save with improved energy efficiency
•     Quiz

Module 06: Fundamentals of Data Center Floor Plan Design Part 1
•    Evaluating data center location
•    Data center and support areas
•    Designing for agility, reliability and cost effectiveness
•    Impact of floor plan on rack quantity

Module 07: Fundamentals of Data Center Floor Plan Design Part 2
•    Data center capacity
•    Common rack framework
•    Rack location units
•    Dealing with constraints

Module 08: Data Center Floor Planning Concepts
•    Choosing a pitch
•    Basic principles of equipment layout
•    Floor planning process
•    Quiz

Module 09: Introduction to ITIL
•    What is ITIL
•    Service strategy
•    Service design
•    Service transition
•    Service operation
•    Continual service improvement

Module 10: Practical Steps to Implement ITIL Part 1
•    Reduce the amount of unplanned work
•    Create and maintain an asset inventory

Module 11: Practical Steps to Implement ITIL Part 2
•    Create a repeatable build library
•    Implement continual improvement
•    Quiz

Module 12: Data Center Management
•    Data center management issues
•    IT/Facilities gap
•    Data center management goals

Module 13: Data Center Asset Management
•    Tracking data center assets
•    Asset management best practices

Module 14: Data Center Asset Management Tools
•    Asset management tool features
•    Overview of asset management tools
•    Automated asset tracking

Module 15: Data Center Real-Time Monitoring
•    Difference between building, network and data center management systems
•    Questions to ask before buying a data center monitoring system
•    SNMP fundamentals

Module 16: Data Center Real-Time Monitoring Tools
•    Overview of real-time monitoring tools
•    Quiz

Module 17: Data Center Management Tools Part 1
•    CFD modeling tools
•    Access management tools

Module 18: Data Center Management Tools Part 2
•    Connectivity management tools
•    Maintenance management tools

Module 19: Measuring ITSM in the Data Center
•    What is IT service management
•    ITSM metrics model
•    Implementing an ITSM metrics program
•    Quiz

*To watch the videos and access the materials that come with this course, please follow the instructions that were sent to you when you purchased the course.

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