C Programming Bootcamp Part 2

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This C Programming Bootcamp Part 2 online course, part 2 of a two part series, will introduce you to the C programming language.  You will start basic I/O and move into more complex data types such as arrays, structures, and pointers using solid programming techniques.  When you complete this course, you will have the skills to be an effective and productive C Programmer.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Utilize single and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Program with structures
  • Implement pointers through a thorough understanding of their use
  • Manipulate character strings
  • Program with C effectively


Students should have experience with a programming language or have taken myTraCert’s Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers or Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript, and C Programming Bootcamp Part 1.  While the syntax of the C language is covered thoroughly in this course, there is an assumption of knowledge and skill with the operating system you will be utilizing, and an underlying knowledge of programming basics.


Module 00: Course Introduction – C Programming Bootcamp Part 2 Online Course

Module 01: Introduction to I/O

  • Standard in/out
  • Redirection
  • Demo: Redirection

Module 02: Basic Output

  • Controlling the Output with printf
  • Format Codes
  • Lab Exercise: printf
  • Lab Exercise Solution: printf

Module 03: Basic Input

  • Using scanf
  • & Operator
  • Understanding Memory
  • Demo: scanf

Module 04: Things to Watch Out For in I/O

  • I/O Hazards
  • Lab Exercise: scanf
  • Lab Exercise Solution: scanf
  • Challenge Yourself: I/O Independent Exercise

Module 05: A Look at Pointers

  • Understanding Pointers
  • Declaring and Dereferencing
  • Pointers and Functions

Module 06: Using Pointers

  • Legal Pointer Operations
  • Hazards
  • Lab Exercise: Pointers
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Pointers

Module 07: Arrays

  • Declaring and Initializing Arrays
  • Utilizing Arrays
  • Arrays as a Function Parameter

Module 08: Advanced Arrays

  • Using Pointers to Arrays
  • Lab Exercise: Arrays
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Arrays

Module 09: Structures

  • Declaring Structures
  • Initializing Structures
  • Structures as Parameters
  • Lab Exercise: Structures
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Structures

Module 10: Structure Pointers

  • Pointers to Structures
  • Structure Pointer Parameters
  • -> Operator

Module 11: Arrays of Structures 

  • Introduction to Arrays of Structures
  • Initializing Structure Arrays
  • Pointers to Arrays of Structures
  • Hazards
  • Lab Exercise: Array of Structures
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Array of Structures

Module 12: Advanced Structures

  • Structures Members
  • Structures in a Structure
  • Math Library

Module 13: Lab Exercise: Advanced Structures

  • Lab Exercise: Math and Structures
  • Lab Exercise Solutions: Math and Structures

Module 14: Character Arrays 

  • Character Arrays
  • Initializing Character Arrays
  • Printing Character Arrays

Module 15: Character Strings

  • Character Strings
  • String Constants
  • Lab Exercise: Character Strings
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Character Strings

Module 16: Multidimensional Arrays

  • Declaration and Initialization
  • Utilizing Multidimensional Arrays
  • Pointers and the Multidimensional Array
  • Lab Exercise: Matrix
  • Lab Exercise Solution: Matrix

Module 17: Variables, Types and Scope

  • Automatic Variables
  • Static variables
  • Registers

Module 18: More on Variables, Types and Scope

  • Local and Global Scope
  • Private Scope
  • Lab Exercise: Variables, Types and Scope

Module 19: Lab Exercise Solution: More on Variables, Types and Scope

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