Agile Project Management and Latest on PMBOK 7th Edition

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You can approach managing a project in an agile manner, plan-drive traditional manner, or a hybrid of approaches. Agile methods are soaring in popularity for good reason. The agile way of working has benefits and value unachievable in a traditional approach. To obtain these gains, it requires a change in mindset and frameworks. This course covers some of the fundamental aspects and framework components to acheive the gains realized by properly employing the agile way of working.


Module 01: Test Your Knowledge: General Project Management and Project Manager
Module 02: Video: Why New Content 2021?
Module 03: New Question Types for 2021
Module 04: Video: Stories and WBS
Module 05: Video: Timeboxing
Module 06: Video: Duration Estimates in Agile and Plan-Driven Projects
Module 07: Video: Agile Ceremonies
Module 08: Video: Sprint Planning Ceremony
Module 09: 2021 Exam Demo
Module 10: Video: Roadmaps in Agile Projects
Module 11: Video: Role of a Project Manager in Agile Projects
Module 12: Video: Kanban

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